Terra Kai Organics Super Fruits and Veggies (Twin Pack)

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Organic Plant-Powered Nutrition

A simple, convenient way to support your fruit and vegetable nutrition. Whole food ingredients, powered by nutrient-rich plants in a convenient capsule. Take 3 capsules each of fruits and veggies daily.

Organic Super Fruit Nutrition

  • 23 fruits in every serving
  • Antioxidants for cellular repair
  • Plant-based energy
  • Organic Super Veggie Nutrition
  • 16 veggies in every serving
  • Mushrooms for immune support
  • Vegetable fiber
  • Organic whole food ingredients

No fillers!

JUCE Fuels the Body & Mind


Q1.Does it have any artificial ingredients?

Harvest Apple, Greens, are 100% certified organic and all natural. There are no artificial ingredients.

Q2.How much sugar is in Juce Greens?

There are 4 grams of organic cane sugar in each scoop of Harvest Apple Greens.

Q3.Is it good for my gut?

Our special Greens probiotic and fiber blend improves digestion and absorption so your body gets all the nutrients from what you eat.

Q4.What makes it green?

Harvest Apple Greens have an organic micro greens blend, including Wheat Grass, Spirulina (blue green algae), Barley Grass, Oat rass, Alfalfa Leaf, Alfalfa sprout, Chlorella, Broccoli, Kale, Parsley, Spinach, Green Pea Fiber, and Matcha Green Tea (decaffinated) that gives Greens it’s green color.

Q5.Does Juce contain fillers?

Juce Greens contain over 65 superfoods without any fillers! We care about your heart and gut health and want you to feel good after drinking Juce and avoid gastrointestinal or allergy issues commonly associated with fillers. We are proud of the product we’ve created for you that is 100% vegan, 100% certified organic, and 100% gluten free!