Growing up on my grandparents' farm in the Pacific Northwest gave me an appreciation for fresh produce and small organic farms. Fresh fruits and vegetables were always on our table and lots of them!

As an adult living in an urban area, I found it increasingly difficult to find affordable organic fruits and vegetables and much harder to balance a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule. That’s why I created Júce. I wanted to make a truly organic, nutrient-dense product that was simple and affordable for everyone. Our ingredients are harvested from USDA certified organic farmlands and freeze-dried to preserve the highest nutritional value.

I am proud of our product and am grateful to our customers and the farmers who produce the abundance of organic foods we eat.


healthy made effortless

Our Promise

We’re committed to keeping it simple, the way nature intended, providing only high-quality, USDA certified organic products that help people live a healthier life.

Our Mission

It’s all about inspiring and empowering families and individuals to make healthier food choices. We’re passionate about organic, plant-based nutrition, and making it simple and affordable for healthier generations.

What our customers say ...

I have Celiac Disease and like many people have followed the prescribed ‘Gluten-Free’ regimen, but just cutting gluten didn't end my suffering 100 percent. I also decided to go soy-free and dairy-free but found many probiotics have lactose and are expensive. In order to help heal my gut I shelled out the money anyway each month, and more money for greens drinks and other nutritional products. I saw organic Júce at Costco about a month ago and after seeing that it had no gluten, soy, dairy, very little sugar, and had a multivitamin — I tried it and loved it! I have more energy and no longer spend so much money on all the other stuff I was buying. Thank you for a wonderful product! —Kylie P.

I purchased your product today at my local Costco and I am so excited! My son has ADHD and Sensory issues, and refuses to eat most vegetables and fruits. He tasted this in the store and LOVED it! He has already had two 20 oz drinks today. Thank you so much! —Cindy W.

My family is obsessed with Júce! I was hesitant to buy it but I'm so glad I did! We've used it alone and in smoothies. It makes our smoothies "taste better than candy!" according to my 6 year old. —Melissa T.

I purchased this product at Costco. Love, love, love it! I am an insulin dependent diabetic and am always looking for quicker methods to intake fiber, fruit and veggies that actually tastes great. Found it! Will definitely continue to purchase and intake, daily. —Kathy D.

I started using your product after having a gastric sleeve done. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your product and truly believe it has been a key factor in my healing. I feel energized after drinking it and can tell if I miss a day, as I really struggle with fatigue. The biggest change I’ve noticed is my colon health. I have a history of irritable bowel syndrome and your product has changed my life to a place I thought I’d never be. My overall well-being has improved as this is the first year in many where I did not have the flu, bronchitis, or any asthma attacks. Thank you for your AMAZING product! —Stephanie H.

I was at Costco and tried samples of Júce and loved it! I bought some and I have been using it for a month. I feel great and put it in my smoothies and also have tried it in my yogurt. It makes me feel more energized in the morning. I would recommend it to anyone. —Danelle V.

I bought your product at a local Costco yesterday and wanted to use it in my morning smoothie. It is fantastic! I don't know if it could be working this soon, but I feel more energy than usual and will continue to use your product. Thanks for delivering a home run with your product [Júce]. —Dana M.

I have just recently found this product and am really impressed with it! I am on my feet all day and Júce gives me more energy and stamina. Thanks for a great product! —Joyce

Thank you Júce! I have terrible allergies that leave me with no energy. Within 20- 30 minutes after drinking Júce, I notice a big difference. It helps me get through my day instead of taking a nap. I’ve tried other fruit and veggie drinks that are ok. Júce makes me feel better, it tastes good, and the price is great! —Nonie L.

I greatly suffer from Crohn's Disease and struggle daily to fulfill my nutritional needs. I went to my digestive disease doctor with my can of Júce. The doctor read the ingredients and was beyond amazed at the quality of this product and will purchase it himself. I'm a believer since my doctor thinks its fabulous, and it tastes delicious. Thank you for this great product! —Kathy A.

I recently purchased my first jar of organic Júce and absolutely love it!! It tastes wonderful and has no funny chemical or weird after taste that I’ve experienced with other products.Júce is a great way to get my vitamins and minerals since I know I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. I would definitely recommend Júce to anyone wanting to get more nutrients and increase their energy naturally! —Heather T.

Júce has a nice, refreshing flavor. It doesn't leave an after taste like most drinks with stevia, so I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to save money because with this product I don't have to purchase all the necessary items for a healthy smoothie—its all included in Júce! I know everyone in my family will be drinking this everyday. —Tracy L.

We love Júce because we can add it to our morning smoothies and we know we are getting all the nutrition we need! We love that it is GMO free, organic, and has no artificial additives. It's great to know we can get the benefits of so many fruits and vegetables in a single serving! It doesn't hurt that it also tastes good! —Heather C.

Has a fresh flavor. Enjoy drinking it while at the gym. I try to eat healthy and stay fit and Júce is a great additional to my routine. —Lawrence R.